Gluten-Free Pasta from Granoro

Do you love pasta? Of course you do! Who doesn’t? Whether you enjoy it with a hearty tomato sauce, smothered in rich, creamy cheese, or you prefer a simple pasta dish con olio, we’re confident that there’s a pasta out there for everyone.

But sometimes, dietary issues can get in the way of a sumptuous pasta dinner. Gluten allergies can be a real pain—literally and figuratively—but at Chef Biologico, we don’t think they should prevent you from enjoying our favorite Italian export. That’s why we’ve curated a special line of gluten-free pastas, brought to you straight from the heel of the famous Italian boot.

The Low-Down on Gluten

So what exactly is gluten? It’s a protein present in wheat and other grains like rye, barley, farro, bulgur, and spelt. When you mix flour with water, they blend into a sticky, gluey consistency. This stickiness is actually caused by gluten! When the ingredients are combined, they undergo a chemical reaction, forming the elastic protein networks that give the dough its chewy, satisfying texture. 

Unfortunately, not everyone can digest gluten, and the adverse reactions can range from mild (gluten sensitivity) to severe (celiac disease). But that doesn’t mean they should miss out on the joys of pasta!

Although there may be some fundamental differences between traditional and gluten-free foodstuffs, they’re interchangeable in almost all cooking situations. The most significant difference you’ll find in gluten-free pasta versus traditional gluten pasta is the texture. Cooking times may also vary. Whereas traditional dried pasta may take between six and eight minutes to cook, gluten-free pasta may take only two or three minutes. So be careful and watch the pot!

Gluten-Free with Granoro

At Chef Biologico, we’re proud to offer a range of gluten-free Granoro pasta products. 

Granoro’s pastificio (pasta factory) is headquartered in Puglia, the southern region of Italy—also known as the “heel” of Italy’s boot. There, founder Attilio Mastromauro and his team have been handcrafting the highest quality pasta since 1967. And it’s from that very pastaficio that Chef Biologico imports its unique selection of gluten-free Italian pasta. 

If you’ve even made pasta by hand (we recommend trying it at least once, it’s surprisingly easy!), you’ll know that there are very few ingredients… and one of them is flour. But in Granoro’s products, traditional semolina flour is replaced by a variety of non-glutinous flours made from potatoes, corn, and rice. 

And with our selection of products, you don’t have to limit yourself to just one type of pasta. Our gluten-free Granoro line includes everything from American favorites like spaghetti, linguine, and lasagna to Italian classics like penne rigate, cannelloni, farfalle, gnocchi, and so much more.

Chef Biologico’s imported Italian goods are delicious, authentic, and best of all, they can be enjoyed by everyone! Our mission is to bring the bold, authentic flavors of Italy right to your door, and we hope you’ll enjoy them as much as we do. Mangia!

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