Amarena Cherries in Syrup, Toschi 250g

$17 CAD


Indulge in the rich flavor of Toschi's Amarena cherries, a true Italian classic. These sour cherries are renowned for their unique bittersweet taste and intense ruby red color. Amarena is a versatile ingredient that is loved across Italy, from Sicily to Turin. It's perfect for topping ice cream or yogurt, adding to cocktails, and even enhancing savory dishes like roasted pork or duck. Experience the authentic taste of Italy with Toschi's Amarena cherries in syrup - the perfect addition to any dish!

Made in Italy

Ingredients: sour black cherries, sugar, water, glucose syrup, sour cherry juice, colourings: anthocyanins, acidifier: citric acid, flavourings. Gluten Free. May contain cherry stones or cherry stone fragments.

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