Mariangela Prunotto - Organic Peeled Tomatoes 550ml

$14.99 CAD


Organic peeled tomatoes.

The best Organic fresh Tomatoes, picked at the peak of summer, are transformed in 48 ours in that delicious product.

The fresh tomatoes are peeled, filled with Organic Passata and cooked without adding any salt.

True organic tomatoes with an emphasis on purity and quality, each variety is made with 100% organic ingredients and contains no sugar, no concentrate and no dried herbs. These incredible organic sauces have an unsurpassed quality full of fresh, vibrant flavors.

The way of transforming is very simple and fast and will permit you to taste the best Italian Tomatoes crop at the right moment. The taste is better than fresh!

Ingredients: Fresh organic tomatoes


  • Organic
  • Product of Italy

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