Mariangela Prunotto - Organic Red Pesto 156ml

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The Organic Red Pesto originates from a special recipe Tomato base.

The recipe is actually a review of the recipe for pesto green but the different raw material (tomatoes) it completely change the flavor.

We use only the best tomatoes that are carefully selected and then dried in the sun.

It's a product with a strong flavor, but balanced, ready to be enjoyed both on bruschetta on pasta or on crostini.

And thanks to its versatility, it also goes well with boiled meats and is great to use in the preparation of meat filling.

Ingredients: sun flower oil, tomato 27%, dried tomato 21%, nuts, basil, potato flakes, garlic, pine nuts, extra virgin olive oil, sea salt.


  • Organic
  • Product of Italy

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